Why Us

CTS returns more time and resources back to its clients by virtue of its expertise in the field of matching a client’s needs with a candidate’s proficiency in addition to providing the necessary groundwork to facilitate a smooth transition for all parties.

Once a candidate has onboarded, CTS not only ensures that all needs of both parties are being met, but also takes on the responsibility when things don’t go as planned.

A first-rate staffing agency has enumerable, valuable resources at its disposal that are made available to clients that can enhance a client’s workforce such as advertising, staffing strategy, and market analysis. In other words, CTS is committed to each and every success.

CTS is always available with a timely and prompt response to your staffing situation, whenever and whatever that may be.

CTS understands that a business may not collect dues in the same manner as its employees do. That is to say, 30-day invoices are not the same as weekly paychecks and being the creditor to said invoices means that CTS assumes the burden of weekly paychecks in the meantime.