The Staffing Agency You’ve Been Looking For

Critical Talent Solutions is a comprehensive solution staffing agency that provides companies in Texas and across the nation with timely top talent and custom staffing strategies through four specialized divisions: Staffing, Professional, Technical, and Search.

Critical Talent Solutions has a reliable, proven track record as a recruiting partner that delivers on its promises from inception in 2012. The entire management team within Critical Talent Solutions (sometimes referred to as CTS) keeps the process simple. Do you maintain a truly CRITICAL need? If the answer is yes and our depth of expertise determines, alongside with your firm, that we should solve it together, then we are apt to accomplish the task at hand. Period.

“Our Talent, Your Advantage” keeps us busy with clients that truly maintain sincere mission-critical initiatives. We have been in this space for 30+ years and absolutely recognize when a true partnership is formed and when a realistic task(s) at hand is made manifest.  We do not cease until your need is met!

We pride ourselves in providing critical resources and solving singular and/or complex project solutions.  We look forward to partnering with you and opening up the necessary dialogue to determine where to start and make certain we have a solid plan in place on how CTS solves it!

Get in touch with the premiere, leading employment agency, CTS, and let us know how we can meet your recruiting needs today!

Find the right candidates faster

CTS expands your searches beyond your standard operational approach and standard operating procedures via postings and key word quests  to having access to the private, confidential, and non-seeking professionals we secure for you in a critical capacity!  These candidates are often a key ingredient to any team and having access to our millions of candidates from within our database has proven successful. Search faster capitalizing on our tenured team that will have divided, conquered and begun on a dedicated mission to solve your requirements.

Contact any candidate we will have provided you within 24 hours as the initial step

CTS maintains customized mechanisms that we utilize to reach out to candidates for speed, consistency and proven step(s) that help make certain the candidate truly is “critical” in nature.  Utilizing our services helps you achieve higher, qualified response rates than either cold calling or email could ever deliver.

Talent Pipeline Management

Build, track and manage the candidates you want to hire now or in the future engaging CTS and thus allowing you to continue to remain focused on your own workflow, team activities, projects, meetings all while the hidden profiles are located via CTS.

See for yourself how Critical Talent Solutions can help you find your next great hire. Interested in learning more?